Bagel-themed Postcards (10-pack, 6" by 4")


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Is your pen pal a bagel enthusiast? Or maybe just a bagel? If so, they might enjoy receiving bagel-themed cartoon postcards in the mail from their thoughtful friend!

This is a pack of 10 4" x 6" distinct bagel-themed postcards printed on 130 lb satin card stock. They're great to send to your bagel-loving friends and lovers or to hang on your favorite wall!

The 10 cartoons included on these postcards are:

  • Bagelwatch, also available on a t-shirt.
  • Swole Wheat Bagels, a simpler version of which is available on a tank top.
  • The Scream Cheese, also available as an art print.
  • Bagel Taxonomy, also available as an art print.
  • Son(ion Bagel) of Man, also available as an art print.
  • The Last Breakfast
  • Catcher in the Rye
  • Canonized Bagel, also available as an art print.
  • Pigeon in a Bagel, also available as an art print.

We can also provide custom mix-and-match orders! If you have a specific request, please reach out to us at

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