Bagel-Themed First Aid for Choking Poster

Bagel-Themed First Aid for Choking Poster


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Need a required first aid for choking poster, but want to express your love for bagels in doing so? This informative, scallion-y poster is for you!

Great for bagel shops, restaurants, kitchens, schools that teach first aid/ CPR/Heimlich maneuver, or just as decorative living room art.

Printed on thick, matte archival paper

I print all my art on weighty, textured, non-glossy archival paper. It feels fabulous, like a fancy wedding invitation!

Sturdy, size-appropriate packaging

Multiple prints under 12 inches are flat-packed. Single/larger prints are rolled and shipped in sturdy triangular boxes.

Bundles of pun!

20% off 3 or more prints. 25% off 6 or more. Cover a wall, become a tastemaker, and win the adoration of all your crushes!